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Amplifica Capital

Weekly Pitch Practice isn't just a routine;

it's a ritual of excellence

Are you looking to raise or simply want to improve your communication and organization skills? This is the place for you!

Come practice your pitch and receive feedback from experienced investors in the region. Join our virtual Pitch Practice sessions every Thursday at 11 am (CDMX).  Register in the form and secure your place in our next session!

Pitch Practice

Present your pitch

in 5 minutes

Receive feedback

Connect with investors

Fine tune your communication skills and pitch structure

“I found the event super enriching. I want to continue practicing until I can have a very good Pitch with your help.”

Benedicte de Waziers

"It is an excellent opportunity to practice and receive constructive feedback in a very comfortable, safe and trusting environment."

Julia Arrivillaga

"I really liked the session, it was SUPER useful and I felt very safe. I left the event eager to improve my pitch right after hanging up."

Marisol Perez Chow


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