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Amplifica Capital

We love makeovers and it feels amazing!

We're getting a makeover!

To evolve, we gotta shake things up and create a space to get closer to our community. We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of our website, custom-made to foster a more agile, open, and interactive connection with the entrepreneurial and investor community.

Here, you'll find our newsletter, where we dish out updates on the companies in our Fund I, posts we put out, as well as industry insights we'll be sharing through this blog. Plus, there's a spot for you to sign up for our Pitch Practice sessions and throw your hat in the ring if you're looking to raise capital.

By investing in women in technology and inviting more women into investment opportunities, Amplifica Capital is not only fostering innovation to develop better technology, but also promoting an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can drive prosperity.

At Amplifica Capital we have evaluated more than 1,500 investment proposals from 19 countries, with which we built our Fund I made up of 25 companies. These companies not only reflect our conviction to invest in women, but also demonstrate the innovative potential in Latin America to develop technology, scientific solutions and sustainable models that generate excellent returns for our investors.

We want Amplifica Capital to be the first place that female entrepreneurs think of when they go out to raise capital. Help us achieve it. If you are ready to transform the future of Latin America with us, follow us and share what Amplifica Capital does. Subscribe to our newsletter, join our Pitch Practice sessions and introduce us to your company.

We want to meet you! Let's be part of the evolution together. Let's build a more inclusive ecosystem together.


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