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Invesment Process

Our investment process allows us to find the next companies transforming the future of Latin America

The time to go through the investment process is variable. We have managed to complete the process in less than 10 business days and, in some cases, we have invested 2 years after meeting a founder.

Depending on several factors, Amplifica Capital's investment team will make the decision whether to continue analyzing the opportunity or not.

Our investment process consists of seven stages.


Recibimos la solicitud a través de nuestro sitio web o de miembros de nuestra red.


Hacemos una evaluación preliminar, donde definimos si la oportunidad se alinea con nuestra tesis de inversión. Si no pasa esta etapa, notificamos a los fundadores.


Programamos una primera reunión para conocer más sobre la empresa y los fundadores. Esta llamada podría resultar en una solicitud de información adicional. Si no pasa esta etapa, notificamos a los fundadores.


Un miembro del equipo de inversión presenta un análisis inicial en la reunión semanal a la GP, donde se decide si continúa el proceso de analizar la oportunidad o no. Si no pasa esta etapa, notificamos a los fundadores.


Realizamos un análisis más profundo que puede implicar reuniones adicionales y solicitud de información adicional.


Tomamos una decisión sobre si invertir, permanecer en contacto con el equipo para una posible inversión futura o se decide pasar la oportunidad de inversión. Si no pasa esta etapa, notificamos a los fundadores.


En el caso de inversión, se lleva a cabo una reunión final con la GP para definir detalles finales.

Apply for investment


  • At the seed stage especially, the composition, experience, and character of the founding team will have a strong weighting in our investment decisions. The founders’ unique vision and professional and personal backgrounds should indicate to us why a given founding team is the best positioned to build the company. We are also looking for founders who have a big vision to address real problems in a market that can support the creation of companies that can rise to $100M+ annual recurring revenue and $1B+ valuations.

  • We are team players and love to co-invest with other value aligned, mission driven investors.

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  • We want all our portfolio companies to be successful and become industry leaders, and are committed to the partnerships we make. We leverage our networks to support them to develop relevant commercial relationships, get market insights and business expertise from industry experts, connect them with talent and commercial opportunities, and help them raise subsequent rounds of capital. 
    We also expect that the impact they generate is enhanced as they grow, which is why we offer support to entrepreneurs to define their impact metrics and ESG objectives with the intention of improving results and becoming more sustainable companies.

  • The investment team makes the initial assessments and our GP has the ultimate decision.

  • We mainly focus on investing in the pre-seed stage, but we are also open to seed and Pre-Series A. We love to build relationships early and get to know founders months before a formal fundraise.Our ticket size ranges from USD $100,000 to $500,000, and our average ticket size is USD $250,000. 

  • Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, we are unable to provide feedback to everyone. If we meet with you once or more and ultimately decline to invest, we offer feedback if and only if you specifically ask for it.

  • We invest in SAFEs, convertible notes, and priced rounds. 

  • You can access our Resources and News for more information and materials on different topics and you can also register to participate in our weekly virtual Pitch Practice sessions, to receive feedback from active investors in the region.

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